Ecommerce - Online shops

Duck Feet specialise in designing ecommerce websites that are engaging and eye catching, intuitive to navigate and simple to use.

Our bespoke ecommerce systems are created based on your individual requirements, ensuring that the resulting website is easy to manage, user friendly and tailored to your target audience.

Although our system makes it easy for you to manage, it has enough power and flexibility to cope with every type of online shopping scenario.

Setting up an online shop can seem like a rather daunting undertaking! Duck Feet are experts at streamlining the process, helping you to make considered decisions that will best serve your business.

Give us a call on 07823 346651 to see how we can help get the ball rolling!

Ecommerce - On-line shops
Ecommerce - On-line shops

WooCommerce Wordpress Websites

Used on about 2.3 million ecommerce stores around the world, WooCommerce is extremely friendly to new ecommerce merchants because it combines ease of use with incredible power, flexibility and features.

WooCommerce offers many helpful features, like order tracking, customer engagement, delivery status updates, inventory management, and more.

Whether you intend to sell a variety of physical products or just a single digital product, WooCommerce is the perfect ecommerce application.

Duck Feet are experts at creating impressive WooCommerce solutions that perfectly fit your selling and design objectives. We can also continue to offer help and support as well as offer instruction on how to make the most out of the system yourself.

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I truly love my website!

Helping Businesses for over 14 years

I 100% recommend Duck Feet web design. I truly love my website. I live in Wales and so my website was designed remotely. All my ideas were considered and increased to something I couldn't have imagine before. My website is stylish and user friendly and paid for itself in no time. I can not recommend Andrea's abilities to turn your ideas into something more incredible than expected. If you are looking for a fast and professional approach I highly recommend Duck Feet.
Emma Sian | Emma Sian Pritchard