Search Engine Opiomisation (SEO)

"Get your website found with our SEO from just £350"

If you're not on page 1 on Google, what's the point?....You are pretty much invisible with 92% of potential customers not looking beyond Google's first page. As a company sepcialising in SEO it is our job to optimise your site so that it ranks highly, above your competitors and gets you found on that first page.

As a basis, all of our sites are built using the latest SEO techniques. We then advise or help you to create rich, userfriendly content that will engage your audience and 'please' Google.

Quality SEO is a dynamic process. The web is an ever evolving environment and so we closely monitor and amend your website in line with any new paramiters demanded by the search engines, keeping your site where it should be at all times.

If your site is under performing, failing to be effectively found, we can help! We don't have to have built your site in order to get it found effectively on Google and breathing new life into your business.

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Search Engine Opiomisation (SEO)

Duck Feet's SEO strategy meant that large, established companies were finding me within a very short time!

Helping Businesses for over 40 years

Andrea listened carefully to my ideas and requirements and she then created a beautiful, functional and professional website for me. She also developed an SEO strategy and within a short time of it going live large, well established companies were finding me through Google. It has been absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend having your website designed by Duckfeet. It is the best investment you can make for your business. A strong online presence is vital these days! Lucy McGloughlin - Live Event Artist